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Association between body dissatisfaction and bullying in children of socioeconomically vulnerable areas
Marcela Almeida Zequinãoa,, , Pâmella de Medeirosb, Helena Rafaela Vieira do Rosárioc, Andreia Pelegrinib, Luis Lopesc, Beatriz Pereirac, Fernando Luiz Cardosob
a University of Western Santa Catarina, Joaçaba, SC, Brazil
b Santa Catarina State University – UDESC, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
c University of Minho, Braga CP: 4710-057, Portugal
Recebido 07 Fevereiro 2017, Aceitaram 26 Abril 2017

To analyze the association between dissatisfaction with body image and weight status and the roles assumed in school bullying in children and adolescents living in a socioeconomically vulnerable area.


409 children and adolescents with average age of 11 years, from Florianópolis, Brazil, participated in this study. The body image was self-assessed through the Body Silhouettes Scale, the weight state through the body mass index (BMI) and the roles of participation in bullying through the Olweus Questionnaire.


It was verified a significant association between “dissatisfaction with thinness” and (i) weight status, (ii) sex and (iii) roles of participation in bullying. In addition, low weight, boys and bully-victims presented a greater odds of body dissatisfaction due to thinness. The variable “dissatisfaction with excess” was negatively associated with age and weight status. Participants aged 11–12 years and 13 and 16 years, as well as children and adolescents with low weight, had lower odds of having excessive dissatisfaction.


The associations found in this study are important tools for developing interventions to avoid or minimize the effects of early body dissatisfaction and consequently violence at school, especially in children with increased determinants such as those living in socioeconomically vulnerable areas.

Body dissatisfaction, Bullying, Social vulnerability

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