Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in a multipurpose pediatric intensive care unit

Garza Alatorre, Arturo; Hernández Rosales , César David ; Cantú Moreno., Daniel;
Next Document Medicina Universitaria. 2012;14:11-5


Objective: To determine the prevalence and mortality of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in our intensive care unit.

Material and methods: Retrospective and descriptive review of patients admitted to the service between January 2005 and January 2010. Thirty six children with ARDS were enrolled. We used descriptive statistics to report results.

Results: During the study period 767 patients were admitted, of which 4.7% (n=36) met criteria for ARDS. 66.6% (n=24) of the cases were due to direct pulmonary causes and 33.3% (n=12) due to indirect pulmonary causes. We found an overall mortality of 50%, the age group mostly affected was >1 year of age. Most patients were admitted with an oxygenation index in the range of> 15 to <35.

Conclusions: The prevalence results are consistent with the literature on multi-purpose units, as well as overall mortality. Dividing the direct and indirect causes observed in our study direct causes predominate. Other studies are needed by age group to obtain better statistical results.

Keywords: Pediatrics, acute respiratory distress syndrome, prevalence, mortality.

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Arturo Garza Alatorre a, César David Hernández Rosales a, Daniel Cantú Moreno. a,

a Servicio de Medicina Crítica Pediátrica, Hospital Universitario Dr. José Eleuterio González Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.