O Perfil do Paciente da Consulta para Pessoas com Necessidades Especiais da FMD-UL

Bizarra, Maria Fátima; Graça, Sandra Ribeiro;
Next Document Rev Port Estomatol Med Dent Cir Maxilofac.. 2010;51:69-74


The purpose of this study is to analyze the profile of the population who attends the outpatient Dental Hygiene Clinic for People with Special Needs at Lisbon Dental School, University of Lisbon (FMD-UL). The variables are based on patient records and included the number of patients, type of disability, medical history, age, place of residence, level of dependency, oral health and oral hygiene practices, as well as adaptive techniques used during the appointments.

Of the 1255 patients followed in the clinic the majority is in the age group between 20 and 30 years. The type of disability most frequently found is cerebral palsy. Regarding dependency more than 50% are dependent and a great majority has difficulties in establishing communication. The state of dentition showed a higher prevalence of decayed teeth in the 1st appointment compared to the last in which the missing teeth component prevails. In the evaluation of oral hygiene and periodontal disease there was a moderate accumulation of deposits and the presence of periodontal disease.

People with special needs present unique challenges to oral health professionals in treatment planning and dental management.

A greater number of skilled and motivated dental professionals, facilitated access to dental care and government support are urgently needed to ensure better oral treatment of this population.

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Maria Fátima Bizarra, Sandra Ribeiro Graça