Maxillary lateral incisor agenesis - case report

Salgado, Helena; Mesquita, Pedro; Afonso, Américo;
Next Document Rev Port Estomatol Med Dent Cir Maxilofac. 2012;53:165-9.


Dental agenesis, particularly agenesy of the maxillary lateral incisors, is a relatively common dental anomaly. The authors present different treatment options for this type of agenesis which has a high aesthetic and functional impact. Orthodontic treatment is most of the times the ideal treatment option however dental or implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation is often the solution to these dental absences. In the case presented agenesis of tooth 22 was treated with crowns on teeth 11, 21, 23 and 24, since the patient refused orthodontic treatment to reposition tooth 23 into its usual place and subsequent prosthetic rehabilitation of the space with a dental implant. Treatment is often multidisciplinary requiring careful planning in order to achieve a good aesthetic outcome and high predictability in the long term.

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Helena Salgado, Pedro Mesquita, Américo Afonso